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"I had the pleasure to work with Dwight for a couple of years at Trulia/Zillow. His leadership and contributions helped to deliver a top notch training organization that helped us scale and deliver results. His high energy was contagious and he was seen as a trusted leader to so many of our associates that he trained and mentored. I enjoyed working with him and look forward to our paths crossing again."

Amira Raveneau-Bey
Startup Executibe

"Dwight brings it all together. He knows so many fields and is able to sample enough of the top employees to get a great feel for what any company needs, very quickly. He’s energetic, knowledgeable and a kick ass trainer! I’d use him for any industry I was building teams in."

Chris Jackson
Director of Sales, Hotel Engine

"I had the pleasure of working closely with Dwight for a couple of years at Zillow and I can't say enough great things about him. Dwight is the most dynamic and polished trainer that I've worked with and I always looked forward to hearing him speak. He knows how to keep a group engaged and involved and his attendees hang on every word he says. Anyone that has worked with sales people, know how hard it is to keep their attention, but Dwight has the uncanny ability to keep the group, not only awake, but excited to be there. I've not only seen him speak and train, but also prepare. His preparation is the key to his success. He takes speaking very seriously and he makes sure to practice and hone his craft almost obsessively. I would highly recommend Dwight as a public speaker or trainer to any organization looking to get their team energized."

Corey Ayotte
Director of Sales,

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